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AZHAN is a pioneer company for software solutions besides management & financial consulting, established by an elite group of specialists designing the best integrated solutions, where they agreed to develop innovative solutions never touched by the global market

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We offer you smart, scalable, securable, easy to manage, costive solutions that provide business management, quality, innovation and information accessibility for local & global customers.

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Universe ERP

Universe ERP systems are not just systems aimed at automating various corporate services but focus on the quality of these services and the innovation of new services, which reflect the increased market value and thus increase profit.

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SHEFAA focuses on Smart hospitals which are not just hospitals are automating their services but they are focusing on the quality of these services and the innovation of new services into a competitive advantage for the hospital, which is reflected in the increase in market value and thus increase their profit.

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MASAR is a multipurpose school and university management System which is used for all administration, management and learning related activities. Use MASAR management information system to manage students, teachers, employees, courses and all the system and process related to running your institute efficiently.

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Universe CRM

Universe CRM aims to provide just-in-time, briefed-&-detailed deep insights of the customer relation management in addition to managing & monitoring the sales-representative work cycle. Allowing agents to handle day-to-day activities, supervisors to monitor pipelines & top management to keep track via interactive, collaborative dashboards.

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Universe Project Management

Universe PM is a Project Management system having a powerful capacity to plan, organize, assign and accurately manage the project tasks & resources. It aims mainly to develop project plans setting the estimated values for time, cost, budgets, resources, etc. in order to monitor the project schedule, provide cost & budget control, wisely allocate resources and instantly integrate with the required software systems such as HR, Finance, Inventory, etc..

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Universe Archiving

Universe Archiving is not only a file-archiving system but it is a powerful management system for the movements of files, letters, notes & documents via different communication channels. To manage file according to various property sets in addition to applying authentication & authorization privileges for different users allowing to keep track of the file modifications & actions.

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